Behind Web Development, there are procedures and architectural policies that need to be looked
into before the actual custom Web Application Development occurs. These aspects basically focus on the needs of the business and the strategies it wants to implement. However, this article will
particularly focus on the basic technical aspects that help businessmen meet their requirements.

Windows Web Servers Microsoft has a loyal customer base because of their
user-friendly software including the Windows NT/2000/XP web servers. These
applications are fast and relatively easy to use and the fact that the
operating system users Windows allow administrators to interact the server with
other related hardware and software applications. Receiving and transmitting
custom web application development information over the internet becomes
convenient for the developers. Popular side scripting that is usually used
together with Windows servers includes the Java Server Pages, the PHP, and

UNIX custom Web Application Development servers are best known because of its reliability. It is a powerful and durable operating system and web server. It is actually the preferred server of many large-scale websites because of its need for a strong content management system. UNIX custom Web Application Development servers can also handle large amounts of traffic. The popular side scripting language that is usually used together with this type of server is the Java Server Pages, the PERL, and the CORBA. Each scripting language has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let us look into the ASP model as an example. When using the Windows server, there are several important considerations that a developer needs to take note of including scalability, security, application design, and speed. In this regard, below is a guide that will help you minimize the risks of failure.

Identifying business logic – gather data from every resource you have because if you are working on custom web application development, you need to enumerate the number of entities for business logic.

Create specifications – this may be the most important aspect of the custom Web Application Development project. The functional specifications can be likened to a blueprint of how you want the actual application result to look like.

Study the development model – use the three data tiers including the user service, the business service, and data service. And understand the relationship between the three. Custom Application Web Development is a very time consuming yet important aspect of marketing an online business.